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VCU Brandcenter / Copywriting / 2022
Syracuse University / Anthropology & Citizenship and Civic Engagement  / 2016



Martin Agency/ Freelance Copywriter/ May 2023- Present 

Words From The Woods / Freelance Copywriter/ February 2023- March 2023


Google Brand Studio / Copywriter/ June 2022- January 2023


Words From The Woods / Copywriter Intern/ summer 2021

TB12, Androscoggin Bank, Wymans, Aroma Joes

The VIA Agency/ Copywriter Intern/ summer 2020

Lowes, Portland Press Herald, CarGurus.


Sales Associate / Jackrabbit / 2019-2020
Worked on getting my portfolio together in between running shoe fittings so I could start my advertising career. 

Content Marketing Manager / Animalz / 2019
Wrote blog posts for tech startups . Got one step closer to finding out what I really wanted to do with my career.

VFA Fellow / Venture For America / 2016-2019

Hung out with Andrew Yang for a summer and then went off to work at these places.

  • Lucid  / New Orleans / Customer Development Analyst

  • PocketExpert  / Pittsburgh / Director of Customer Success 

  • Urban Innovation 21 / Pittsburgh / Special Projects Coordinator 

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