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The only thing that Gen-Z is truly scared of this Halloween is getting ghosted. As a brand that stands for comfort, Hanes set out to give comfort to those going through a very uncomfortable experience. 

First we created a "Mourning Kit" for those who were mourning the abrupt end of a situationship. We filled it with black Hanes sweats and a few other goodies to help with the grieving process.

(Yep, it glows in the dark when you shut the lights off.)

We added some sage because how else do you clear out ghosts? 

...and some tissues of course

We also sent out a copy of 'The Comfort Chronicle', where we wrote obituaries for all the failed relationships we heard about through our social media channels. 

We sent our mourning kits out to Gen-Z influencers who got ghosted and they did the rest of the legwork making sure the world saw the Mourning Kits. 

We also made an awesome launch video for this campaign that I unfortunately can't share on here but if you email me ( I will send it to you!

Made at The Martin Agency with Zey Masunu (AD), Rushil Nadkarni (CD), and Nadezhda Camperlengo (CD)

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