So the thing about me is...

As a 5-year-old, my favorite question to ask people was if they thought life was a dream and when you die, you just wake up. 


Here is my argument for why the answer to that question is no: deep fried cheesecake. 


Sometimes reality is just so shocking there’s no possible way it could have come from my own head. My imagination could never have conceived of something so delicious as that first bite of deep fried cheesecake. 


I’m not saying all this to point out how limited my imagination is. On the contrary, I think my imagination is pretty expansive. After all, I’ve been questioning the universe since age 5. The point is....deep fried cheesecake is the s**t.




VCU Brandcenter / Copywriting / 2022
Syracuse University / Anthropology & Citizenship and Civic Engagement  / 2016


Copywriter Intern / The VIA Agency/ summer 2020
Worked on Lowes, Portland Press Herald, and CarGurus.

Sales Associate / Jackrabbit / 2019-2020
Worked on getting my portfolio together in between running shoe fittings so I could start my advertising career. 

Content Marketing Manager / Animalz / 2019
Wrote blog posts for tech startups and managed their content marketing strategy. Got one step closer to finding out what I really wanted to do with my life. 

VFA Fellow / Venture For America / 2016-2019
Worked at three different tech startups as a part of a fellowship program that places recent college graduates at startups in cities with emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems.

  • Customer Development Analyst/ Lucid  / New Orleans

  • Director of Customer Success  / PocketExpert  / Pittsburgh

  • Special Projects Coordinator  / Urban Innovation 21 / Pittsburgh